IBH Academy

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3 Months of Life Changing Experience

1 month of intensive learning + 1 month of practical experiences + 1 month of international exchange experience

Interactive Sessions

Our volunteer trainers and facilitators will assure that you learn the needed hard skills to design and run your project/idea. 

Local & international trainers

Learn Module: 1 month of trainings & workshops delivered by top locals and international professionals 

Habits Stacking

3 Months of New Habits Staking to keep our body and mind happy

Mindfulness Program

A full 8 weeks course of Mindfulness offered by expert EQ trainer, will be provided for IBH academy delegates. Everything to keep their mind and body happy.

Learn By Doing

The second month of IBH Academy is dedicated to your practical work. Here the students will be assigned to design and elaborate and idea/project/initiative as part of their learning program. A groups of mentors will be available to guide you through the process. 

Mentorship Program

IBH Mentors, dedicated and motivated to support IBH academy students in their decision making and project execution.

Graduation Party

1 Big Closing event for all our students, trainers, partners and IBH friends

1 Month International Exchange Experience

To the best student of IBH Academy, IBH is offering a fully funded 1 month international exchange experience abroad.