IBH Pakistan

In 2017 Inspired By Her initiative re-branded into “Inspired by Her” Academy came to Pakistan. Three months of intensive personal & professional development program, trainings, workshops, community based projects end up with a fully covered exchange opportunity to Bahrain for the best 2  IBH Academy delegates.

” I wasn’t fully aware of what was going to happen but I had a belief that it was going to be impactful. IBH equipped with new concepts and thought provoking terms and after hearing what IBH and its delegates had to offer I was stunned at where I stood and what I have been missing out. Being in IBH while most people of my age were “enjoying” there summer time, my experience became more meaningful to me because I was at least trying to bring the change, even if it meant that change had to be in me. I came up with two ideas that I later on implemented as my projects named Eidi.Orp and Academic Scholarships under IBH. Under Eidi.Orp Clothes were distributed among orphans of Edhi Foundation, “Pheonia” a delegacy of Punjab was distributed and Rupees worth 12900 were collected and donated to Edhi foundation.

Academic Scholarships had more of a digital existence and impact. This platform was built to provide foreign scholarship information regarding educational institutes to the students specifically in Pakistan.

My selection as an exchange participant for Bahrain has certainly been the most impacting and moving thing ever occurred to me.  Meeting so diverse people and their stories has lead me towards a better and striving self” .