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The coolest & fast-growing community of women ready to EMPOWER, SUPPORT and INSPIRE each other is Going Global. For all #bossygirls who dare to Dream Big, IBH is giving the opportunity to lead the movement in their country.

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A summer full of knowledge – Armenia IBH Academy

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How we make the magic happen


Starting with our premium program Inspired By Her Academy to a wide range of inspiring events, creative lessons and webinars.

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We are more than an organisation. We are global community of people who care and are passionate about what we are doing.

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Life style

Leisure & Lifestyle program that enhances the quality of life by keeping your mind and body happy.

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Inspired By Her United Kingdom
Inspired By Her Academy
Our first and premium program Inspired By Her ACADEMY has been designed to inspire and develop women through a 3 months intensive curriculum. It is a life changing experience of personal and professional development with a unique chance to go on an international exchange program funded by IBH.

3 Months of Life Changing Experience

1 month of intensive learning + 1 month of practical experiences + 1 month of international exchange experience

Interactive Sessions

Our volunteer trainers and facilitators will assure that you learn the needed hard skills to design and run your project/idea. 

Local & international trainers

Learn Module: 1 month of trainings & workshops delivered by top locals and international professionals 

Habits Stacking

3 Months of New Habits Staking to keep our body and mind happy

Mindfulness Program

A full 8 weeks course of Mindfulness offered by expert EQ trainer, will be provided for IBH academy delegates. Everything to keep their mind and body happy.

Mentorship Program

IBH Mentors, dedicated and motivated to support IBH academy students in their decision making and project execution.

Graduation Party

1 Big Closing event for all our students, trainers, partners and IBH friends

1 Month International Exchange Experience

To the best student of IBH Academy, IBH is offering a fully funded 1 month international exchange experience abroad.

Become an Inspiration

Is your country inspired by her?
Be part of the Global Movement by bringing Inspired By Her in your country. If you are passionate about Women Empowerment and the way we make it happen, join us! Check out our formal application process to start an official chapter in your country. Actions to take:

Online Interview with us

If your Application Form was good enough to catch out attention, then you will receive an email from our side with a special invitation to the online Interview. Don’t stress out. We JUST want to get to know you better and see how serious is your desire to lead the movement in the country you applied for.  

Learn more about IBH

Check out more information about who we are and what we are doing through our website,  Social Media channels and if there are still questions, just get in touch with us. We like connecting with people 🙂

Start IBH in your country

If you receive “Green light” from our side then Congratulations you signed up for the most amazing, powerful and challenging experience of your life. Don’t worry. We will be by your side as we work closely with the new Country Directors guiding and coaching them through the process. You are not alone, you have a whole community who’s believes in you and is ready to support. 

Fill the Application Form

If you fell connected and inspired by what we do and would like to bring the initiative to your country, the first official step to do is filling out the application form. Once it reaches us, we will take 7 days to analyse it and get back to you with a reply. Make sure you do a research before and test out your motivation. Ah yes, an important point WE RECRUIT DOERS ONLY.  We have a lot of dreams and goals for this world, that is why we need to build a lot of stuff – and that is why we only take in our team – PASSIONATE DOERS.

What they say about us

“It won’t be wrong to say that IBH has become my first step to achieve dreams I ever saw. It gave me the self-confidence and self-belief that yes! I can do what I preach. Inspired By Her genuinely inspired me, by my own self. My experience in Bahrain is beyond imagination, I learnt how to live with different nationalities, how to be self-aware what to do and how to do? How to empower others and be there for each other in the time of need. Now I am back to Pakistan working hard to give the same life changing opportunities to other women.”

Ghanva Khan

Pakistan IBH Academy 2017, Best Student

“Inspired By Her is a first of its kind initiative with in Lahore where we have taken a step forward to integrate the leadership program that’s currently been implemented Globally with the spirit of entrepreneurship. Team IBH has always taken pride in working in Community development with most of our members working on several projects for more than 2 years now. IBH Pakistan can collectively take a step forward towards implementing this leadership framework in our community.”

Talha Ahmed

Pakistan Inspired By Her Country Director 2017

“AIESEC in Armenia has always envisioned the society that empowers women, and the cooperation between the NGO and Inspired By Her will enable us to make a crucial step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in Armenia and globally. Having the same vision, the collaboration is indeed beauitful and inspiring for the volunteers and stakeholders of AIESEC in Armenia and Inspired By Her.”


Lilit Manukyan

AIESEC in Armenia President 17/18
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